Is Andrew Cuomo’s reputation tarnished?

  Betting that in 2015, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had the best intentions in establishing an ethics committee focused on performance, integrity, and pride, in order to best serve the people along with a system of accountability.  However, t the latest trickle-down effect of women coming forward with accusations of unwanted advances is pretty damaging to Cuomo’s reputation. These accusations are adding to the existing nursing home’s data debacle, raising concerns about his legacy and status in office.

  What happened to this persona that encouraged ethics and accountability?  Critics and allies of Cuomo will see this in a different light. Nancy Pelosi is holding short of calling for his resignation, yet Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for Cuomo to step down.  Would all of this still be happening if he were a married man? Maybe a bit more disciplined in his personal pursuits? Who knows?  

The last time a New York Governor stepped down in shame was in March 2008 when former Governor Eliot Spitzer who was involved in an extensive prostitution ring while he was married at the same time!  Quite the coincidence, Roger Stone, the Republican operative whom Trump recently pardoned had information about Spitzer’s activities in Florida. Roger Stone supposedly had insider information of a prostitution ring in Florida that Spitzer partook in. In the end, there was too much evidence and Stone’s info helped nail the coffin on Spitzer’s tenure as Governor of New York.

So, was Cuomo’s behavior in the past really enough to warrant his impeachment or voluntary dismissal from office? Cuomo seems defiant to step down. Maybe he believes that he’s done far greater good than harm for New York.  Is it possible that his past unreported behavior is not that big of a deal?  Or, maybe it’s just keeping the “cancel culture” at bay?